Grant Application Criteria

Grant Application Criteria

CGF Priority Areas for Support in 2022

  • Improving the lives of vulnerable people

    • Families (safety, violence-free, basic needs etc…)
    • Social Housing (homeless, advocacy etc...)
    • Elderly (grandparents raising grandkids, loneliness etc…)
  • Supporting development toward independence and autonomy
  • Promoting social justice

Grant Application Criteria

  • Charities Services registered
  • Have been in operation for minimum of one year
  • Charities must operate within the region defined by the Hamilton Catholic Diocese see map
  • Professionally prepared annual financial statements and Audit or Review statement for the most recent financial year to be attached
  • Applications submitted via our website
  • Grants are usually in the range of $1,500 to $10,000, with a maximum of $10,000.
  • Grants to be used within 12 months of receipt

Exclusions from Funding

  • Individuals
  • Individual scholarships or development
  • Fixed assets or purchases, capital projects, sports equipment
  • International travel
  • Medical treatment
  • Government agencies, schools, sports organisations, arts organisations

As is the normal request from the Board, in accepting this grant you confirm that should the project not take place within 12 months, the funds will be returned to Common Good Foundation. The grant cannot be used for any purpose other than that which was requested on the application form.

Note: To assist your organisation in meeting the needs of your community, we do give grants to cover operating expenses. However, for grants that fall within The Tindall Foundation criteria, it is preferable that these are for expenses other than wages e.g. rent, staff training, telecommunications etc.