Common Good Foundation bridges the gap.


Common Good Foundation is a non-profit organisation grounded in Catholic Christian values. We are funding managers who bridge the gap between donors and charities, ensuring that together we create the biggest impact in our local and parish communities.

Thank you for helping us to support organisations that serve their communities where the need is greatest.
That need is always bigger than the number of clients they see but every intervention creates a positive ripple and helps communities grow stronger and more resilient.
Common Good wants to continue to support those positive ripples.

We will continue to act as the bridge between those who are able to provide resources and those that require them. We thank you for joining us in demonstrating greater Catholic care in action.

You can make an online donation at any time.

You can help us help others

Your donation, whether it be finance, time or expertise can make all the difference.
Let’s work together for the common good.