Kids in Need Waikato

Kids in Need Waikato
"No child is to be given a rubbish bag to hold their belongings" is Linda Roil's mantra for children placed in foster care. These are now replaced with beautifully constructed colourful sacks filled with a set of pyjamas, clean clothes, shoes, toiletries, books, and toys, with a crafted card attached detailing that the bag belongs to a named child.

The Kids in Need Waikato - Operation
The operation is run from a property outside Cambridge, in a purpose-built shed with shelving and mezzanine floors. The donated goods are delivered at one end, sorted by age/size in labelled boxes and are distributed in the named sacks from the other door. The rows of good quality jackets lining two walls, shelves of books on another and in the far corner, the leftover Christmas toy collection are all waiting to be distributed to needy children aged between 0 and 17. Two staff are employed – one to help with sorting of items, and the other deals with the administration, allowing Linda ( the founder) time to promote her organisation and deal with issues around the children.

Kids in Need Waikato

The foster children
In the first four months of this year (2022), 402 bags have been distributed to needy children taken into foster care. Many children are being cared for by their grandparents or other family members. These children often come from abusive or unstable family homes and need some love and attention. Some children are removed from their mothers within hours of birth for the sake of the child where the mother may be on drugs and has no mental capacity to bring up a child. It is a sad situation.

The sequence
The organisation is dependent and incredibly grateful to the local communities who donate good quality clothing and goods. Social Services groups such as Oranga Tamariki, the Police and the general public approach Kids in Need for a supply of clothing for these displaced children. Linda also supports grandmothers in Te Kuiti who care for their grandchildren, and another group that seeks to supply baby items for newborns.
The demand for this service is growing. The shed is at capacity. Linda knows that any single child helped is a good outcome and so will continue with her visionary work one way or another!

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