Common Good is honoured and excited to support the wonderful work your organisation provides our community.

Common Good is also privileged to be one of the faith-based Local Donation Managers for The Tindall Foundation within their ‘Supporting Families and Social Services’ programme area. Depending on the application and the meeting of criteria, funding may be distributed from either The Tindall Foundation or Common Good Foundation. The foundation involved is clearly advised to the applicant on grant approval.

Bishop Steve is acutely aware of the social needs of marginalized or disadvantaged individuals within the greater community of each parish. Bishop has asked that Common Good Foundation partner with himself and the Diocese to offer support to those affected by a lack of food, shelter, companionship or hope. Common Good Foundation already supports charities in this realm, but we want to do more through the Parish-based Initiatives programme (see below). We believe that there are concerned parishioners throughout the Diocese who may already see a need or who are already offering some support to others. We want them to come forward if needed to seek financial help from the Foundation to allow them to continue serving the common good.

Our desire is to assist organisations while they are in need, allowing them to create their own sustainability over time. Therefore, if your organisation has received three or more years of funding from us, there is a possibility your application may not be considered.

The 2024 Funding Round will open for the month of September.

Applications can filled in online from 1 September 2024